Process Equipment

In addition to the excellent line of chemical products developed, MCC manufactures a wide range of process equipment from produced water filtration to chemical dosing packages. Our line of process equipment include the following:

Design and Manufacturing of Portable Chemical Injection Skids:

MCC designs chemical injection skids to be used in accordance with the clients’ technical parameters, with relevant international codes and standards. The commissioning and performance testing of the skids are conducted on regular basis by MCC’s field support and engineering team.

Design and Manufacturing of Process Equipment for produced water filtration:

MCC provides a very efficient, lower utility requirement separation system for produced water filtration that ensures suspended solids and oil are removed before discharge either to the environment or for reinjection. These equipment provide a high throughput for purification of oily process water and industrial wastewater.

Design and Manufacturing of Oil, Water & Gas Separator

Design and Manufacturing of Vapor Recovery System

Design and Manufacturing of TEG Contactor and Regeneration System

Design and Manufacturing of Compressor System

Design and Manufacturing of Fuel Gas System

Design and Manufacturing of Small Scale LNG Package

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